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InnDwelling plans to host the following types of retreats and worshops:
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The Holy Ordinary

How to transform ordinary times into extraordinary moments.
Silence and Solitude

Corner stones for a contemplative life. Deepen your understanding and experience of the vast and holy ground of silence and solitude and its fruits in daily life.
Discernment as a Contemplative
How to open and listen to receive clues about who we are in God.

A Contemplative Life

How to be a contemplative in a busy world.

Turn Mourning into Dancing

How to accept and grow from our experiences of loss and grief.
Addiction and Grace

How to recognize the addictions which rule our life to set us free.

How to liberate ourselves from the inner and outer clutter which separates us from God.


What are dreams telling us about our lives.

Dignity of Differences

Meditation on religious differences and similarities.

Nature Reading

How to draw wisdom from the world which surrounds us
Spirituality of money

Explore your relationship with money through our intention to see Christ as “all in all”.
Action and contemplation
Action comes from contemplation and Divine Union.

How to live fearlessly
in a fearful world
A contemplative response to a fearful world.


A meditation on transforming ourselves and our world.

St Benedict’s Way

How to draw everyday wisdom from the monastic life.

Centering for Peace

Centering Prayer for World and Inner Peace